About Us

We are dedicated to preserving the dark-sky heritage of the Wet Mountain Valley through education and fund-raising efforts to shield light fixtures. Donations are used to purchase light shields, replace non-shielded ones, purchase information materials for distribution, and expenses in actual construction of dark sky-friendly lighting by our members.

Dark Skies has made a major step forward! On November 1, 2002, at the last zoning resolution workshop of the Planning Commission dark skies were brought up and the words “light pollution were added to line 1256. This is in Section 8.6 on “General standard for granting the special use permit” and would require that a special use permit “not cause significant air, water, noise or light pollution.

As you can only ranch or have a dwelling in the county without a special use permit, this applies to every other use of land in the county… including subdivisions and PUD’s. PUD’s are now going to be allowed throughout the county, but they are going to come under special use permits and the notice provisions thereon, so the public will be able to know what is going on and give input at the beginning of an application process.