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Today’s interview is with Chris Egan, a software developer who specialises in the areas of Software Automation, Keyword Research and SEO (search engine optimisation).

Software Automation, Keyword Research and SEO (search engine optimisation) play an important part in today’s business as these are parts of digital marketing. Not only that, but Conversational AI in digital marketing is also helping businesses improve their brand awareness online. Chris is a full time internet marketer and has been doing business online for about ten years.

Hi Chris. I’d like to ask you about SEO Rank Promoter – a product you launched recently. It’s a tool that helps website owners rank better in the search engines.

Can you explain first of all what is involved in traditional search engine optimisation?

Traditional Search Engine Optimization focuses on the on and off page work that you can do to rank highly for your targeted keywords. This can include backlink building, use of a keyword in the page title, domain, image alt tags, H1 – H6 tags, keyword density, relevancy, etc – all these things influence search engine rankings. Another influence is the results that the search engines see – in other words they see your URL clicked on their results page. It leads them to think that the person who visited your page thought it was relevant to the searched-for keyword.

Are there any new elements that will become important?

Content is king, relevant content, not content farms. Google has made a big change to try to stop content farms dominating the search engine results – which is great news for marketers.

Any ‘secret’ or underused SEO tips that you can give me?

The use of the keyword in the Heading1 – H6 and Alt tags is underused, but very effective.

Why would I need SEO Rank Promoter to improve my rankings? What extra does it offer me compared to traditional SEO methods?

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It accelerates things, kickstarts things, and helps to build the momentum of traffic that results in real visitors – the higher your page is in the rankings the more real visitors are going to come to your site.

Why would I care where my business ranks in Google and other search engines?

Without traffic your site is just another statistic, while there are millions (billions) of pages indexed the traffic comes from Page 1 – get to page 1 and get sales, leads, whatever it is your site wants to accomplish – it can only do with traffic.

Can you share any big wins you have had when improving a site’s ranking using the techniques in SEO Rank Promoter?

Jumps of 600 places are common in the early ranking process – and then the jumps are usually between 1 to 10 places. It’s possible to get a brand new site, with little SEO into the top 100 results in 48 hours. Beyond there, SEO and the SEO Rank Promoter will keep moving the site forward to page 1.

Can you tell me a little about the SEO Rank Promoter product? What format is the product in?

Its a Windows Desktop Application. It runs on XP – Windows 7.

How did you decide on the subject matter for SEO Rank Promoter?

You mean how did I decide to make this software or why? I had bought a tool called SESNIPER – which claimed you could get to page 1 without backlinks, SEO, etc. After a month testing it I found it didn’t work. So I looked at where it failed. I actually found a copy of the source code in a PLR offer – purchased it and in discussing with my programming team we realised it was one of those great ideas, but never going to work, because of major flaws in the coding. Those flaws still exist. Sorry if you bought it.

Well it led me to evaluate what was needed from the point of view of a user – first you need to understand why other sites rank for keywords – so we developed one component of the software – the Ranking Spy to do just that. With the Ranking Spy you can analyse a website to see what keywords it ranks for, and find out data such as Monthly Searches, Competition, Number of times the keyword features in the Title, Content and H1 tag. Plus the KEI which is an indication of how easy or difficult it is to rank for that keyword.

Then a user needed the correct tools to build ranking. For example the software includes a Rank Indexer component which can generate thousands of backlinks fast – and get pages indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Then there are the Rank Promotion Tools – these are the tools that do the real work – one helps to get your sites noticed by the Search Engines, by carrying out keyword based searches that include a reference to your site. The other actually pushes your site up the rankings by finding it in the search results and visiting the page – which the search engines recognise as a visitor – who wanted to find out more about the keyword at your site.

Does rank well on Google?

Yes it’s on Page 1 for several terms and rising through the rankings on other targeted terms. It’s interesting because we have not used backlinks on this site – to compare the effect of using them – and it’s outranking sites that have used backlinks – that is due to two things, the software, and the on page SEO work.

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What are your main methods to market SEO Rank Promoter?

We have only recently launched and did via the Warrior Forums in the form of a WSO. I actually don’t want too much buzz – because the tool gives users the edge – the more people that get the tool – the more the edge has less value.

Is there anything you would do differently when launching another product? Have you launched any other products since?

Right now there are 3 projects coming close to completion. I think each launch has to be done in a different way – because the goals are always different.

What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

We have a cool YouTube tool coming together, a Social Bookmarking Tool, a Twitter Tool, and some other cool stuff in the pipeline.

If you want to improve the rank of your websites then SEO Rank Promoter gives you tools to analyze your site, make changes, and get your rank moving. This software was designed to provide help for beginners and experienced marketers to automatically get their sites to page 1 in the search engines.