Follow The Right Technique Of Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises are very popular since ancient times. They are well-known techniques to relax both your body and mind. One might think that we are continuously breathing then, why do an exercise, how can it benefit and is different from regular breathing. Well, yes breathing is one of the involuntary physical actions of the body. We need oxygen continuously to manage many essential activities of the body. 

This oxygen is provided by the breathing process. Nobody needs to be taught how to breathe. It is a process that comes by birth with us. In general, a more increased supply of oxygen that your body receives more efficiently it can function. Nowadays we come across huge pollution around us. This pollution is present in the atmosphere and therefore is unavoidable as we continuously inhale it during the breathing process.

Many dust particles, chemicals, etc. are also inhaled along with it. We do not inhale pure oxygen but the air in the surrounding. Now, breathing exercise means that you concentrate on this process and try breathing deeper. It allows cleansing your body of the toxins which are excreted through skin and lungs by the increased supply of oxygen. It clears your blood of many toxins and improves your performance.

Why Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise is useful in various ways. Most of us have hectic routine schedules with many worries and problems. These worries and issues keep us stressed and our mind remains occupied all the time. We do not have a chance to give any rest to our minds. These breathing exercises are quick and positive ways of relaxing and quieting your mind. This allows the mind to get the ultimate rest that it needs.

This exercise also relaxes our body and cleanses it from many harmful toxins with improved oxygen supply. They help us in performing better. Our mind gets to rest and therefore its functioning is enhanced as well. You can focus more clearly and effectively on your worries, issues, and priorities amongst them. This exercise increases your sensitivity power. It allows you to calm your conflicts that constantly are running inside you through your thoughts.

It increases your concentration power and therefore is widely used in many workplaces. It not only helps you to relieve stress but also keeps anxiety, depression away from you. The clarity in thinking, increased focus and concentration boosts your confidence level and increases your productivity. It relaxes your mind and therefore you do not feel tiresome but are fresh to perform any activity. Well, now one would not have any doubts about why this breathing exercise is so famous and popular.

Best Breathing Exercise Techniques

Now having said all the benefits and advantages of breathing exercise, it is also important to know that one should follow the technique of performing this exercise. It has to be in the correct manner to enjoy all the benefits it offers. These exercises are prominent from ancient times; therefore many olden meditation forms incorporate this exercise. Yoga one of the popular exercise forms involves many breathing exercises as well which is called pranayama. The aim is to relax your mind.

One can start the exercise by finding a quiet place to sit that is away from any distractions. One should sit in the padmasana also called lotus position form that is legs cross folded with erect spine posture. Now slowly start breathing deeply and slowly in such a way that you feel the process of breathing that is you become aware of air inhaled and exhaled. Make sure you do not perform any other movements that would distract your concentration from breathing.

Continue breathing in this way till your focus is only breathing and there is no other thought in your mind. Your only focus should be on the breathing process and accordingly the body movements. Feel the movement of your stomach, lungs while you breathe. This way all your mind is focusing on is breathing and there is no other thought in mind. It is quiet and relaxed. Your body also feels the positive effect of this exercise.

It is not compulsory to perform this exercise while sitting one can do it while at the workplace as well. All you need is your concentration while breathing. There are various ways of performing this exercise, you can follow anyone of them but make sure it is performed in the correct and right manner. This would allow you to enjoy all the benefits of it. It does not take a long time, 15-20 minutes daily would be sufficient. Make it a regular practice as then you can enjoy lifetime benefits of it.

Importance Of Right Technique

Knowing the best techniques is not enough; one also needs to understand to perform it in the right way. All the benefits of this exercise can only be enjoyed by following the right method appvalley. We are breathing all the time and therefore it is difficult to do in a controlled manner. It needs some practice and learning but once learned it has many benefits.

It massages your internal body organs like your digestive system, lungs, etc. It improves your thought process, energizes you and boosts your confidence level. It keeps you healthy in many ways. We know to breathe involuntarily hence controlling it is difficult but not impossible. This exercise allows you to sleep calmly and improves thinking, and therefore your decision making power.

There are incredible benefits to breathing exercises. Little efforts from you can make it your lifelong company with great benefits. Well, a lot of information is available on breathing techniques through the internet, health guides and magazines. There are various training centers which train you on these exercises. It leads to an improved quality of life.

Stress is managed in an easy, effective and efficient way with additional benefits. You are not learning anything new with exercise but adapting the correct and improved way of breathing that would help you in many ways. It can be easily fitted in your busy schedules as it does not require any extra equipment or exclusive place. It’s a really simple way towards a quality life.