Observatories and Observatory Time- Best time To Visit an Observatory

When planning to go for celestial objects gazing, the timing is as important as the place if not more. You see, if you get the timing all wrong, there will be nothing to watch. So, when is best time to visit observatory? The perfect time is either before or soon after a new moon. Full moon or the bright night may block your sight, and hence only brightest stellar objects will be visible. In fact, you will even see the Milky Way during dark nights when there is no moon.  So avoid full moon as much as possible. Observatories have powerful telescopes. There is no harm in carrying your own telescope. If planning to buy one, ensure you know how to choose best telescope.

Enter summer. Summer has long days and short nights. This significantly reduces your gaze time. Morning and evening twilight hours are longer during summer. This is a perfect time to watch the stars during the summer. Springs autumn and winter are the best time for stargazing. Winter is the perfect season, given that it has long nights.

Winter season does not only boast of incredible observatory experience, but also most observatory events are held during this period. Observatory facilities post event calendars on their websites. You can check the astronomer forecast on weather for astronomical observation.

Essentially, winters are the best time to visit observatories because:

·         The skies are clear and less cloudy

·         You can see the Star and constellation with naked eyes

·         Longer nights

·         It is easy for eyes to adjust

·         Low humidity and fewer skies contamination

Kielder Observatory

Kielder Observatory is found in the United Kingdom. It is among the best public observatories in the country. Located in a remote area, the observatory benefits from dark skies free from light pollution. The observatory has an event every single night of the week. For the weekend you will have to make a booking well in advance. Tickets for the weekend especially during new moon always sell out. The best time to visit is September to march during the evening when the skies are dark.

Griffin Observatory

This is a popular astronomy museum and planetarium located in California. While observatory is the main reason for visitation, you also get to enjoy hiking and panoramic views. Well, some great movies were shot here, including the Terminator. As if that is not enough, there are free astronomy lectures.

You also get free parking before noon and after 10 pm. You will have to part with $8 per hour for the rest of the time. Weekends are always insanely crowded. So, you may want to visit on weekdays. Middays are less crowded. Well, you do not want observatory during midday.

ASU Dark Sky Observatory Time

Appalachian State University will be holding Dark Sky Observatory event in June 2019.  The main theme of the evening observatory will be observing. If the weather is cloudy, they will offer indoor activities including touring the facility, PowerPoint slideshow and also a chance speak to astronomers.

Since we are in the summer mode, we are experiencing late darkness. There is only one session spanning two hours, that is 9:30 -11:30 pm. The observatory time is limited to 35 tickets. You will be asked for the names of the people in your group.  There you must enter their initial and surname for every ticket you reserve.

During the event, you will be required to come with a printed paper. You will be able to print you reserve tickets on the website. Direction and preparation printed ticket on for the night will be included in the reserve ticket. Also, there will be an opportunity to make donations and buy souvenir merchandise. In case of event collection due to safety travel issues, you will be notified via email. An update will also be posted on the facebook page and the website. It is advisable that you arrive 15 minutes before the event.

McDonald Observatory

McDonald observatory draws huge crowds during the star parties – as much as 1000 people.  Of course, predicting the weather is not a walk in the park. However, if you are planning to visit the place in a week, they will have a pretty good idea of what to expect. They post the weather information on their websites. Bright and full moons limit our view of the stars. However, it provides a better view of the moon itself. Most of the start parties in McDonald Observatory fall in the spring break.

Canada Observatory

Also, you can check out the 2009 event schedule for RASC Yukon Centre and Yukon Astronomical Society for astronomy presentation, high sky gazing and dark night observatory. The observatory is located in Tahiti Hot Pools behind a hill. The spot is accessible on foot. It is five-minute walking distance from Takini Hot Pools parking lot to the observatory. The terrain is somehow steep as you ascend the hill. They offer road access to persons with disabilities.