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Successful Dark Skies Projects
Since Inception of Dark Skies, Inc.

In 1999, shortly after the inception of Dark Skies on March 5 of that year, Smokey Jack, President, negotiated an agreement with the West Custer County Hospital District to have shielded lights installed in their parking lot and on the building. Sign illumination that was dark sky friendly was also included. Fifteen years later, these fixtures are still in use.

This lighting project was the first in a long process to change the mindsets of these old western communities from one of “Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do.” to “How can we protect our beautiful Wet Mountain Valley’s rural charm from being lost to big-city problems like light pollution?” This and the following 10 projects illustrate that change.
Custer County Clinic

In 2001, Dark Skies ran a successful community fund drive to finance the $15,500 replacement cost of the 44 town-owned street lights of Westcliffe. In 2014, the town trustees decided to install a test LED fixture with the goal of reducing energy consumption by converting all the town-owned street lights. This decision, which came without any prompting from Dark Skies, illustrates the change in mindset that Dark Skies has worked towards over the last 15 years.
Westcliffe MainSt LED.jpg

In 2004, Dark Skies funded the replacement of the parking lot lights and wall packs at the Custer County School District facility.
school lights

In 2005, we funded the replacement of glaring street light fixtures with flat-lens, non-glaring units and the placement of shields on other fixtures used at the Round Mountain Water and Sanitation District treatment plant just north of downtown Westcliffe.
water treatment

In 2009, a dollar discount store constructed a building in Silver Cliff with glaring wall packs and roof mounted fixtures that created extreme light trespass onto Highway 96 and onto neighborhoods for many blocks. An outpouring of complaints to the store and the Tribune’s Letters to the Editor lead to the company management decision to turn off some of the lights when closed to business and to allow Dark Skies to install shielding on the wall packs — before and after photos below.
Family Dollar-before
Family Dollar after

In 2009 and 2010, Dark Skies worked with the Custer County Commissioners to replace the Custer County Courthouse exterior lighting with dark sky friendly fixtures.
Custer Count Courthouse
The top image is of the front of the Custer County Courthouse from Sixth Street/Highway 69 where the glaring wall packs used to blind passing drivers. The bottom image is the back of the courthouse where glaring wall packs were replaced (the shielded street lights in the parking lot are not shown).

In 2011 and 2012, using donations made through the annual Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation Spirit Campaign and other donations (click the Donations button to the left for more information), we worked with the Westcliffe Supermarket to change the outside wall pack lights to cutoff fixtures that will shield the lighting from the neighborhood and The Bluff Park.
Super Market

In 2011 and 2012, Dark Skies worked with the Sangre de Cristo Electric Coop to change out their wall packs at their shop and service area on Highway 69, just south of Westcliffe. These fixtures caused considerable glare. Test LED bulbs were installed in their yard lights.
Electric Coop
LED test bulb

In 2013, Dark Skies received an agreement from the Custer County Commissioners to change out wall packs and add to the overhead lights with shielded fixtures at the Custer County Shops on the north edge of Westcliffe.
County Shops

In 2013, Dark Skies shielded the lights at the Westcliffe Fire Station.

In 2013, Dark Skies shield a glaring wall pack on the back of the Shell gas station.
Shell station

In 2014, Dark Skies shielded the lights at Norup Gas Company north of Westcliffe.
Norup Gas

In 2014, Dark Skies shielded the lights at Oak Disposal Services north of Westcliffe.
Oak Disposal

Silver Cliff lights replacement with LEDs
The lights were replaced with the new LED units in October, 2015.

2015 art contest winners
The annual Dark Skies art contest was held in November, 2015.