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Dark Skies T-Shirts Available

Dark Skies tee shirtWe now have a t-shirt to celebrate our certification as a Dark Sky Community. Our logo in a small size appears on the front while the first place contest winning image appears on the backside. For sizes, sleeve length, pricing, and ordering, contact Fred and Kathleen Stones at: <Starinite458@yahoo.com> or call 303-565-6210.

  Links to Vendors of IDA Approved Lighting
 Click here

  Links to Light Pollution Resources

  Thinking of forming a new dark sky group and/or starting the IDA Places
    "Community" certification process? Here's a description of our journey
     that might be helpful:
    <bit.ly/FormDarkSkyGroup> or a PDF copy: <bit.ly/FormDarkSkyGroup_PDF>

  International Dark-Sky Association (IDA):
      <www.darksky.org>  <Public Outreach Resources>   <Light Pollution>
      <Lighting Solutions>   <Resources >   <Ways to Give >

  Facebook page for the IDA Colorado state chapter.
    "Like" the page, and you can post on their wall.

  A Municipal Guide for Converting to LED Street Lighting (PDF download)
    Step-by-step process in making the LED conversion.

  CNN article: "Doctors issue warning about LED streetlights" (PDF download)
    Contains excellent discussion on color temperatures (Kelvin K)
    as they relate to good lighting.

  Excellent Pages of Definitions, Descriptions, and Resource Links
     <www.pegasuslighting.com> All About Light Pollution
     Global 2006 Light Pollution Map — Color Overlays on Zoomable Map
     2006 Light Pollution Atlas — Download Hi-Rez Images by Continent
     The New World Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness, 2016 — Interactive map
     <antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod> Full earth image of light pollution
     <www.delmarfans.com> Very complete description and many resource links
     <www.boogeylights.com> Good description and large set of related links.
     <www.myledlightingguide.com> Tackling Light Pollution with Outdoor Lights
     <www.usinsuranceagents.com> General light pollution description

  Colorado Lighting Ordinances by County & by City 

  Colorado Advocates for Smarter Lighting (C.A.S.L.)

  Wikipedia Light Pollution Description and Definition of Terms:

  PDF brochure: Consumer's Guide to Dark Sky Friendly Lighting from the
     New Mexico Heritage Preservation Alliance 

Tutorial Videos on basic astronomy and how to conduct a star party:
Astronomy video series on YouTube: Crash Course Astronomy

How to conduct an entertaining and educational star party:
     Star party video notes in PDF format: click here.

A lecture, All About Telescopes, given on April 27, 2018 in Westcliffe, CO on the telescope: its history, considerations in selecting one, and the pros/cons of the commonly available commercially produced refractors, reflectors, and SCTs. To view a video of the lecture, visit: