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Information Regarding the
Certification of Westcliffe & Silver Cliff
as an International Dark Sky Community.

Visit our page on the IDA "Dark Sky Places" section by clicking here. (Or in the banner, click on "Find A Dark Sky Place", put "Westcliffe" in the search field, and, finally, click on the orange pin on the map.)

On our page, the original application, the follow-up annual reports, and other informational items are available in the boxed-in sidebar under "Documents."

A collection of photos, including a free use logo, is available by clicking here.

A set of free use logo images for use on the web, embroidery, screen printing, and print in various sizes and resolutions is available by clicking here.
   Note: some have the word Colorado included, while others do not for use where it isn't necessary to mention. In a zipped file.

Thinking of forming a new dark sky group and/or starting the IDA Places "Community" certification process? Here's a description of our 15-year journey titled:
   <IDA: "How To Start A Local Dark Skies Group"> that might provide some insight.

Media Coverage of the Certification:

  KOAA News5 Colorado Springs, video story about the designation that ran on
      May 5, 2015, click here.

  USA Today, July 3, 2015, article describes our efforts (mid-way down the text)
      in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
      "6,000 visible stars light up America's 'dark sky' parks"

  New York Times, August 13, 2016, article about our efforts in fighting light pollution:
      "Colorado Towns Work to Preserve a Diminishing Resource: Darkness."

  Colorado Independent, September 9, 2016, article about our nightscape:
      "How a Colorado Valley Became the Center of the Milky Way".

  CNN "Great Big Story", September 15, 2016, documentary video about our efforts
      in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
      "The Towns That Embraced Darkness to See Starlight" YouTube Link

  CityLab, The Atlantic , September 30, 2016, article about our light pollution efforts:
      "The Colorado Towns That Turned Up the Stars".

  NBC "The Today Show, Sunday Edition", November 20, 2016, video story about
       our efforts in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
      NBC’s Harry Smith travels to a small town in Colorado where residents are putting
       covers on lights in order to take back the night.

       Also on YouTube Link

  March, 2017: Video segment on Japanese NHK TV:
     NHK is the Japanese national public broadcaster and has developed an episode on
     human missions to Mars for their weekly astronomy program, "Cosmic Front NEXT"
     to include a 3-minute segment on Westcliffe's dark skies recorded on December 3–5.
     To view a subtitled YouTube video clip, click: YouTube Link.